Powering Film – Innovation in Hybrid Generators

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The film industry is going green! Industry leaders in film are now prioritizing solutions to combat the large carbon footprint of visual productions. Fact: a single hour of television production creates 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). That figure equates to the total amount of CO2 an average person generates in an entire year. Looking to innovation to drive their portable power solutions forward, film companies are turning to hybrid portable generators that reduce both pollution levels and production budgets.

A report from PGA Green, a non-profit organization formed by the Producers Guild of America in 2009, spread awareness about sustainable filmmaking. Going Green & Saving Green: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Sustainable Filmmaking, estimated run-of-show budget line savings achieved through simple measures, such as using rechargeable batteries (almost 50% less costly than disposable batteries).

The Challenges of Power Supply in the Film Industry

Power sources used in the film industry must overcome several challenges. Large variations in location and environmental conditions mean that portability is key, and systems must be safety-rated and dependable in extreme temperatures. These power sources must also be quiet: silencing technology is essential during a shoot. Size is also a consideration: not only do larger footprints in the video village equate to higher costs, but over-powered units are also less efficient and more costly.

Hybrid Portable Generators

A Greener Solution

Using current advances in technology, hybrid portable generators are the go-to solution for overcoming the power supply challenges of the film industry. Held to government regulations for greenhouse gas emissions, new hybrid generators are designed to trap particulate emissions and then eliminate them using extremely high temperatures, thus reducing the level of emissions that enter the atmosphere. These systems also excel at handling the fluctuating power requirements of production environments. With the use of cleaner battery power whenever possible, reliance on diesel or gasoline-powered engines is reduced, making hybrid portable generators an even more eco-friendly option. Hybrid generators also allow production to take place in locations with little or no infrastructure.

Hybrid Generators on Location

The benefits of using a hybrid generator on location are examined in this case study. Authored by Green Film Making, this article highlights the use of a hybrid generator for Moordvroue, a Dutch production that required flexibility for off-grid filming during production. The unit’s quiet operation won high praise from the producer, as the system could be kept close to the set and could allow for more urban shoots where noise pollution was a concern.

What Makes Valid’s Hybrid Generators So Unique?

Valid™ is at the forefront of green power production for the film industry, and our new Tier 4 Hybrid Generator boasts a jaw-dropping reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with typical diesel generators!

The Valid™ Hybrid Generator utilizes intelligent switching between battery and generator power sources. Smaller loads are supplied via battery power alone. Larger power requirements are handled by the generator, which can also simultaneously re-charge the battery. Valid’s dual-powered system provides crews with peace of mind knowing that a back-up power source is available if the battery is depleted. Insulated with hospital-grade silencing technology, Valid’s Hybrid Generator provides ultra-quiet and dependable portable power on set.

For more information on Valid Manufacturing, Valid’s Hybrid Generator System and how it can solve power supply challenges on your film and TV projects, contact us today.

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