Valid’s Kneeling system offers a complete height control solution for buses and other vehicles. Drivers can easily access the kneel and ride height modes via dash-mounted switches, and during travel, the system also controls the vehicle’s air suspension for maximum ride control. When stationary, a range of kneeling modes are available to accommodate passengers with varying mobility challenges.

The system is comprised of pneumatic valves controlling the air supply to air bags at each corner of the vehicle. When the vehicle is traveling, the system controls the air suspension for ride control. When the vehicle is parked, various kneeling modes can be initiated by the driver.


  • All-in-one Efficiency
  • Reduces Air Consumption
  • No Wear Down Of Mechanical Contact
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  • Electronic sensors ensure smooth height transitions
  • Confirmation of travel height eliminates guesswork
  • Durable Hall effect sensors have no mechanical contacts to wear down
  • Built-in safety system warns drivers about unsafe conditions for kneeling
  • Automatic troubleshooting and warning when conditions are unsafe or system is unable to kneel the vehicle
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Integrated controls when used with Valid's Instrument Cluster and Infotainment system

The kneeling system offered by Valid™️ is much more intuitive and provides a greater level of confidence for the coach owner to make use of the air leveling feature. Valid offers a great line of products that are supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable people that are also extremely customer-oriented.”

Jeff Wertz, Manager SCV Business and Product SupportSpartan RV Chassis

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We are committed to providing exceptional customer support. We even provide support to our customer’s customers for Valid™️ products integrated into vehicles.
Valid™️ works with your team to develop the product specifically for the vehicles you produce.
We provide engineering services and support on the integration so your solution is ready to go.



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