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Power requirements can be complex and unpredictable. Valid understands the challenges that come with powering remote projects, and the need for environmentally clean power equipment.

Valid has become an established key supplier of reliable power systems throughout North America. Our products are innovative, high-quality, dependable, and backed by best-in-class support.

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Serving the Film Industry for over 10 years!

Valid provides solutions for the film industry with the Valid Power System which includes generators, battery packs, power distribution, and the new hybrid combo.

After proving the film industry is underutilizing 1400-amp Tier 3 Studio Generators, Valid designed and manufactured the right sized VPS800A-T4 Studio Generator. Reducing emissions and saving fuel.


Pushing the boundaries of innovation

Valid’s Battery Packs and Studio Generators are changing the way movie sets are powered. They offer easier ways to supply power in eco-sensitive areas, and efficient, cost-effective solutions for cleaner film sets.



Reducing energy waste in film production

Valid’s diverse team of electrical and mechanical engineers utilize their expertise to seamlessly integrate the Valid Power System Hybrid Combo, eliminating range anxiety for gaffers while still providing reliable, clean power.


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