Power Monitoring

Low-voltage power monitoring with no neutral is a code requirement, and Valid offers a complete unit with the GFD family of ground fault detectors. Our intuitive user-friendly devices provide a simple method to detect the presence of current to ground.

To indicate the absence of ground fault, the 3 indicator lamps will glow with equal brightness. When a ground fault is present, the lamp associated with the grounded phase will go out, while the remaining lamps stay bright.

Valid™️ offers 2 power monitoring devices at this time. The Ground Fault Indicator (GFD) and the Fused ground Fault Indicator (GFDF) which offers additional corrosion resistance, a durable finish powder coat and a type 3 weatherproof design for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Simple & Intuitive Device
  • Visual Indication of Ground Path Presence
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  • 6”H X 6”W X 4”D galvanized steel enclosure
  • 3 transformer indicator lights
  • 3 pilot light lenses
  • Visual indication of ground path presence
  • Lights wired to terminals for customer connection
  • Up to 600V
  • Certified to CSA standards
Power Monitoring

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Ground Fault Detector
Ground Fault Indicator
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Close up of Ground fault detector on Power monitoring device.
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Energy management controller for Electronic Vehicle Charger Distribution.
Energy Management Controller
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EMC30-60EMC30-70EMC30-100 EMC40-100 EMC50-100EMC30-125 EMC40-125 EMC50-125 EMC60-125EMC30-150 EMC40-150 EMC50-150 EMC60-150EMC30-200 EMC40-200 EMC50-200 EMC60-200
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