Valid at 2022 Pacific Agriculture Show

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People standing outside Tradex, a trade and exhibition center in Abbotsford, where Valid attended the 2022 Pacific Agriculture Show

Valid’s introduces the Valid Nutrient Recovery System to the Western Canada Agriculture industry at the Pacific Agriculture Show.

Held at the Tradex Center in Abbotsford, BC, the 2022 Pacific Agriculture Show showcased the latest and most innovative equipment and technology for the agriculture industry. The show hosted over 250 exhibitors who were all thrilled to be back in front of the customers face-to-face. Everyone in attendance seemed to be excited to see what the exhibitors showcased. After two years of purely virtual promotions, Valid was excited to be back on the trade show floor to introduce the Valid Nutrient Recovery System (NRS) to the agriculture industry.    

Agriculture turns to innovative technology

The theme of the 2022 Pacific Agriculture Show centered around how innovative technologies improve productivity and increase revenue within the various sectors of the agriculture industry. Agriculture recognizes efforts must be made to keep pace with technology in order to keep operations economical and viable.

Since 2017, agriculture technology has seen $6.7 billion in investments into technology that focuses on regenerative farming. There is a skilled labour shortage in the agriculture industry. To maintain productivity with fewer workers, the focus is now on greater use of automated equipment and regenerative farming practices.

One of the exhibitors was Precision Crop Tech, who were promoting their cutting-edge drone technology for terrain mapping, crop spraying and field imaging. This innovative application of drones provides a sustainable clean-energy solution for land management. Another exhibitor Kubota, has taken more traditional farm equipment and enhanced it with innovative technology. The company recently released their Stand-On Compact Loader. This compact, right-sized piece of equipment is nimble enough to get in tight spaces and durable enough to complete heavy loading work. Using right-sized equipment helps farmers reduce emissions and other resources such as fuel.

Valid’s booth was located next to the BC Ministry of Agriculture.  We learned about pending government regulations for nutrient and manure management to increase sustainable farming. As of July 15, 2025, agricultural operations that fit certain criteria must prepare a nutrient application plan to document the process used to calculate their nutrient application rates, with the goal of reducing soil nutrient levels. We were excited to showcase to the Ministry how Valid’s NRS works with dairy farmers to meet these government regulations and applaud the efforts the government is currently making to aid farmers in adopting the technology through grant programs.

Innovation in Agriculture Forum

Chad Shipmaker, Valid’s CEO, was a panelist on the Ag Innovation Forum held during the exhibition. This panel was a discussion between industry leaders about regenerative practices in agriculture. Chad was joined by 3 other panelists: Rhonda Millikin, founder of Echo Track; Peter Gross, founder of Lucent Biosciences; and Ralph Let, founder of ActerraTech. Each of the panelists were asked questions about what steps they took to bring their innovative technologies to the agriculture community and how they see these technologies supporting regenerative agriculture practices. Chad spoke about how the Valid NRS reduces the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) going into soil from herd manure. Farmers can then separate out the raw dairy manure into liquid matter and dry matter. The liquid matter can be integrated into irrigation systems, while the nutrient-rich dry matter is able to be sold as a fertilizer to farmers who require the extra NPK or be utilized as animal bedding.

Echo Track works with vineyards to integrate native plants and wildlife into the vineyard to create a sustainable ecosystem that can deliver high-quality wine. Millikin spoke to the importance of passively monitoring bird and bat habitat use so that farmers/orchardist can monitor the recovery of populations, sources of immigration and migration pathways. The vineyard then becomes a link to protected areas in the landscape. 

Lucent Biosciences creates carbon-neutral and non-polluting fertilizers that regenerate the land. Gross talked about Lucent BioSciences approach to helping agriculture by providing a diverse line of fertilizers, assisting farmers in adopting sustainable practices.  

Ralph Let of ActerraTech spoke to the company’s specialization in the practice of fermentation technologies to support regenerative farming. Farmers looking to improve biodiversity in their soil can use Acterra Tech’s combination of nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria together with fermenting fungi, actinomycetes, and yeasts to enhance soil and root vigor, increase nutrient uptake, optimize crop yields, and build soil organic matter.

The Innovation Forum showcased companies that have developed innovative solutions that have a focus on helping farmers adopt regenerative farming practices. Technology that works with farming practices will create more efficient and economical operations, while also allowing farmers to foster healthier and more sustainable land management practices.

Innovation in Agriculture

From robotic strawberry pickers to state-of-the-art livestock tracking technology, the Pacific Agriculture Show highlighted how BC’s agriculture industry is unique in its diversity. Attendees were able to gain valuable industry insight on how farmers are making investments into innovative technologies that will improve productivity, increase revenue for their operations and practice sustainable farming. We had a great time at the show and learned a lot from farmers, exhibitors and industry experts who attended. Check out our social media channels for further photos and videos of Valid at the 2022 Pacific Agriculture Show. We are already looking forward to next year!

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