Tiffin Motorhomes – 50 Years of Excellence

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Tiffin Motorhomes, devoted to quality and customer service

Tiffin Motorhomes is known across North America for their high-quality luxury coaches and outstanding customer service. They are leading the race for innovative equipment designs while also raising expectations for extravagant interiors in the RV industry. What makes Tiffin so successful? With 50 years experience, they continue to demonstrate their ability to produce superior coaches and their commitment to stand behind their products. Tiffin Motorhomes is led by the Tiffin family themselves, creating a sense of pride in the company culture as well as the coaches they produce. Tiffin is also committed to keeping pace with the times, constantly evolving their line of coaches as new technology becomes available. For over 11 years, Valid has worked closely with Tiffin engineers to develop custom products for their coaches.

A company built on family

Tiffin Motorhomes came onto the scene in 1972. Along with his father Alex, Bob Tiffin had been running the Tiffin Supply Co, a one-stop shop in northern Alabama for building and furnishing homes. Bob became interested in RVs being sold at a local company. When the company failed, the Tiffin family recognized a business opportunity and purchased it. The Tiffins built their first coach in 1981, a 39-foot unit dubbed the Basement Model. Back then, there were only three other major RV manufacturers in the game. Looking to understand the needs of the industry better, Bob spoke with Harrison Bankston, a dealer in Huntsville, Alabama. After learning that the current steel frame RVs were considered too heavy, Bob set out to develop an aluminum frame motorhome.

Three decades is a long time, and Tiffin Motorhomes has been a family business since day one. Bob and his wife Judy shared a vision for their company, and one of Judy’s key contributions was naming the Allegro after a musical term that implies something brisk, sprightly, and cheerful. When their three sons were ready to enter the workforce, joining the family business was an easy decision.

Tiffin coach evolution

The Tiffin line of coaches has evolved over the years. In the 70’s and 80’s, the original Allegro model was a brown and cream aluminum-sided coach with the distinctive orange Allegro logo. You may still see these pieces of history on wheels driving around today! In the 90’s, the exterior changed to the laminated fiberglass bodies with colourful graphics that you see on today’s models. From there, Tiffin Motorhomes have progressed to include features like full basement storage, multiple slide outs, and superior information and controls technology. In 2008, Tiffin implemented the PowerGlide Chassis that provides durability, reliability, performance, and control.

Continuing their long-term growth goals, Tiffin joined THOR Industries, a global leader in RV manufacturing. Many aspects of Tiffin’s business have not changed, and with Thor’s acquisition, Tiffin is able to expand innovation, have access to capital for facilities and process improvements, and can improve focus on their customer service. The Tiffin family will continue to be as involved as ever in the day-to-day business, and will still be overseeing daily operations on site. This transition of ownership allows the family to concentrate more fully on what they do best — building quality motorhomes that are made to move you.

Valid’s relationship with Tiffin

Valid’s commitment to high-quality products and superior customer service has driven an ongoing and valued relationship with Tiffin Motorhomes. For over 11 years, Tiffin has trusted Valid products in their luxury coaches.

This relationship began in 2011, when Tiffin sought a more advanced leveling system for their top-of-the-line coach models. The Valid Trueline Leveling System is an industry-proven, one-step system for leveling vehicles. With electronic ride height and suspension controls, the system provides superior handling and a smoother ride when compared to traditional air suspension controls. Valid’s team of engineers worked closely with Tiffin to ensure they were completely satisfied with the customized product.

Keeping pace with technology, Tiffin later pursued Valid’s Instrument Cluster to transform their coach dashboards. The high-quality vehicle instrument clusters are customized to each manufacturer’s requirement, and provide key features like advanced integrated diagnostics. Continuing a successful partnership that started with the leveling system, Tiffin now has Valid Instrument Clusters installed in all their PowerGlide Chassis.

Valid is proud to be a partner with Tiffin Motorhomes. As they continue to grow and evolve, Valid will be here to support them with state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional customer service.

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