Valid’s Remote Monitoring System provides accurate and easy-to-read information that is updated every 30 seconds. The website provides real-time data points on generator fuel consumption, engine efficiency, peak power, average power, location, and other data points on engine status and generator output. VPS Battery Packs are able to track state of charge, state of health, and time to empty. Equipment rental companies can create user profiles for producers and assign the appropriate VPS Batter Pack(s) or VPS Studio Generator(s) to them. The Remote Monitoring System uses GPS technology to access the location of any unit, providing peace of mind for both rental companies and producers.


VPS Remote Monitoring System

Valid’s Remote Monitoring System provides accurate and easy-to-read information on power system performance, promoting efficiency in the film industry by providing the information necessary to reduce the amount of energy wasted during film production. With accurate real-time data, access to historical usage reports, and easy-to-read graphics, producers are able to track their power usage wherever and whenever they need to. The Valid Remote Monitoring System is a single source of data for both VPS Studio Generators and VPS Battery Packs, informing equipment rental companies and producers how they can reduce power waste by rightsizing their equipment.


  • Right size your equipment needs to reduce energy waste
  • Create user profiles to provide data to end user
  • Seamless navigation
  • Flexible reporting
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  • Accurate, real-time data
  • GPS location
  • Extensive history reports
  • Easy-to-read graphs and charts
  • Access via smart phone, laptop, computer or tablet

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