Instrument Cluster

Valid designs and manufactures Instrument Clusters for a variety of vehicle applications including RV, transit, electric vehicles and specialty vehicles. Each available option is described in further detail below.

Valid’s customizable Instrument Cluster combines information from both the vehicle chassis and house systems into one visually appealing, user-friendly interface. While maintaining focus on the road, the driver can safely navigate menu options and monitor vehicle performance and conditions such as transmission, brake system, air system, tire pressure, suspension and leveling, fuel and trip information, on-board diagnostics (OBD), battery voltage, generator/shore power status, camera video (IP) and more.

Valid’s Instrument Cluster features an intuitive interface which ensures the driver can focus on the road while monitoring vehicle performance and status. The cluster has the capability to display both internal and external cameras with a birds eye view feature available. The Instrument Cluster can be integrated with additional features such as Valid’s Kneeling System and other vehicle systems, including doors and ramps.

Valid’s Instrument Cluster is easily customizable to the needs of the vehicle and drivetrain manufacturer. The display incorporates traditional vehicle gauges along with EV specific information such as state of charge, range and charge time remaining. The display can also incorporate custom status and diagnostic information unique to the specific electric drivetrain.

Specialty Vehicle
Valid’s Instrument Cluster displays customizable information of vehicle performance and condition in a visually appealing, intuitive interface. Kneeling system status as well as internal, external and birds eye view cameras can be displayed. Vehicle operators are able to easily navigate the menu while monitoring the vehicle and surrounding environment.