AIS BigTop

Valid™️ partnered with Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) to manufacture the BigTop autonomous mobile robot. The independently-operating robot was designed to resolve the labour-shortage challenges faced by the horticulture industry while increasing productivity and performance and decreasing cost and injuries.

The autonomous robot is used in greenhouse nurseries as a cost-effective solution for the repetitive, injury-prone task of moving and adjusting pots of various sizes and weights. These tasks are primarily completed for relocation purposes for optimal growth as well as general transportation.

The robot is equipped with 2 robotic arms able to carry 6 plants at a time and sensors to carefully maneuver around its surroundings. With the addition of artificial intelligence, BigTop is capable of autonomously making decisions with pre-programmed algorithms and simple instructions allowing the robot to operate independently or be remotely controlled by an operator.


  • Cost-effective Solution For Minimizing Human Error
  • Efficient Task Completion
  • Solves Industry Labor Shortage Challenge
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  • 2 robotic arms
  • Able to carry up to 30kg of weight or 6 plants at a time
  • Can operate independently or be controlled remotely

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