AutoTarp System

Valid’s AutoTarp system was designed to reduce the potential for workplace injuries sustained by chip truck drivers during the tarping process. The system can be retrofitted to multiple trailer sizes, and is able to integrate with standard rigging equipment. Nesting inside the trailer without adding height, length, or width, it also meets CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement) regulations.

Designed to be as light and unobstructive as possible allowing for larger load volumes and simple button-controlled operation. It is strong enough to withstand the challenges of the environment. Above all, it keeps drivers safe and on the ground.

Watch our AutoTarp instructional video here.


  • Retrofittable
  • One-touch Operation
  • Lightweight Design
  • Unimpeded Loading
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  • Retrofittable: integrates with standard equipment and procedures
  • One touch operation: button-controlled system allows drivers to keep their boots on the ground and avoid falls and stumbles
  • Robust: each arm fitted with a heavy duty electric actuator
  • Lightweight design: full two-arm system adds approximately 550 lbs per trailer
  • Unimpeded loading: patented linkage system embedded within trailer, extends 50 inches above cap when opening and closing

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